Google tests giant banner in search results

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing a giant banner when you do a Google search. Is testing a new advertising model, which includes a huge image at the top of the search results page, where there are usually only a few sponsored links.

The company confirms that it is testing the feature, but, contact The Verge, a representative says it is “a very limited test in the United States; one of the many we do”.

The image above was identified by digital marketing company Synrgy, which ran a search for the shipping company Southwest Airlines, which returned the banner that looks a lot like Facebook cover photos.

Clearly, the highlighted image draws much more attention than the sponsored links that are normally displayed. The proposal may drive more traffic to advertisers, but at the same time it pushes down search results, as it still shows a series of paid links below, in addition to being a much more invasive method, which users are not used to seeing on Google.

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