Google launches device that puts videos from cell phones on TV

Google introduced this Wednesday, 24, the Chromecast, a device that transmits content from devices connected to the television without needing any wires. Simply plug the device into the TV and, once configured, it will function as a receiver.

It is possible to transfer to the big screen what you are watching on Android and iPhone phones and tablets, on Macbooks and, soon, Windows laptops.

The transmission takes place via streaming services, so in the case of laptops you need to use the Chrome browser. For now, Chromecast is compatible with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Music, with Pandora coming in the future.

With the device, the user is able to control the reproduction and volume of the transmission, in addition to sending e-mails and surfing the internet.

The device costs $ 35 and is available today in the United States through online stores. Arrive in physical stores on July 28 and, later on, in other markets.

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