Google facilitates sale of illicit drugs, accuse US prosecutors

Google has already struggled to allow advertising about drugs and other illegal products on its services, and now the United States has left the company again, for the same reason.

The US National Association of Attorneys General has accused the company’s search engine of showing, at the top of the results, sites known to market counterfeit products. The company would still be advertising these sites, which even have videos on YouTube, as reported by USA Today.

Google says it fights the problem, but it’s not the new one. In 2011, the company was forced to pay $ 500 million for accepting advertising from fraudulent Canadian pharmacies that sold to Americans.

In a statement, the search giant said it had removed more than 3 million advertisements from illegal pharmacies in the past two years. “And we routinely remove videos caught for violating YouTube’s guidelines on dangerous or illegal content.”

Prosecutors, however, say the effort is not enough. So much so that in all the tests they were able to easily find links to sites that sell illegal products, dangerous drugs without medical prescription and other fake ones.

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