Fifa 21 offers items to honor Diego Maradona

Last Wednesday, November 25th, the world said goodbye to one of the greatest soccer stars, Diego Maradona. Because of what happened, several tributes appeared around the world. However, this was not restricted to reality only.

The soccer game Fifa 21 announced the distribution of items to immortalize the ace in the game. Upon entering FUT mode, users will receive two uniforms from Argentina and a 3D mosaic of Maradona for the stadium.

In addition, the player’s death inflated the price of his card within the game. Considered the second most powerful card, Maradona has a score of 97 – behind Pel only – making it one of the most sought after items by FIFA players.

Until then, his card was traded for about two million in-game coins. With the news of his death, prices reached 4.2 million on Wednesday afternoon. This increase is defined by the players who own the cards, they define the price to be charged.

Just for the sake of comparison, Lionel Messi’s card, a player heavily covered in the game, costs about 1.5 million coins.

As the prices of cards within the game increase, the player’s fans hope that Electronic Arts will provide some thematic event to offer rewards to players for fulfilling certain challenges. We hope this will happen soon.

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