Felipe Neto stars in Netflix’s first exclusive Brazilian series

Netflix will have its first original series produced in Brazil and who will lead it vlogger Felipe Neto. After six months of negotiations, “A Toca” will open next August 9.

The production will be an adaptation of an existing painting, which shows the backstage of the production company Parafernalha, also led by Felipe Neto, and which produces humor skits for YouTube.

The series, inspired by “The Office”, will be a mix of documentary and fictional in which each of the actors plays a character based on himself within the production company.

In an interview with GlobeNeto promises that the series, like his other productions, will address Brazilian themes and that he has complete creative freedom. “I didn’t even have to submit the synopses for Netflix episodes. That was the most exciting, because in all the places where I worked that were not my channel, I had a series of impositions and restrictions. In one of the episodes of ‘A Toque’, one of the characters tells another, from the Northeast, that he will love Rio because it has water and food here. This does not sound offensive because he is portrayed as an imbecile who does not understand anything. This went smoothly, ”he told the newspaper.

Despite the statement, the vlogger promises that the series will be quieter and less critical than the material he used to produce. “In the series people will be able to see Felipe Neto who is the leader of this producer: a bit, Harry Potter fan, who makes a lot of clowning and has a lot of difficulty imposing himself as a boss”, he comments.

Unlike other Netflix original series, the program will only be available in Brazil.

In March this year the Digital Look talked to Felipe Neto about producing content for the internet. Check it out here.

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