Facebook should triple revenue in mobile advertising

Project made by the consultancy eMarketer points out that Facebook should triple its revenue from mobile advertising in 2013 in the United States. The forecast is that the social network will end the year with 14.9% of the advertising market via cell phone or tablet, against 5.35% in 2012.

Google, however, still leads the mobile advertising market. The search engine concentrates more than half of the advertisements (52%) and raises about US $ 38 billion in the year.

The optimistic forecast is due to Facebook’s last ‘magic’ quarter. Mobile advertising revenue accounted for 41% of the site’s total advertising revenue, reaching the $ 656 million mark – up 11% compared to the last quarter.

The good performance of the quarter made the company’s shares rise. As of last Friday, the 23rd, the stock closed at around $ 40 and is now close to hitting $ 45 – the maximum Facebook has ever seen.

As a result, the company managed to reverse a negative speculation scenario and was once again valued at more than US $ 100 billion, as shown by FactSet data. (learn more here)

See below the mobile market share ranking for 2013.


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