Facebook postpones video advertising to 2014

For users, it is good news; for advertisers, bad news: video advertisements on Facebook should be out of the holiday season. And the reason, according to the AllThingsD, it is precisely the fear of the social network in relation to the reception of Internet users when it comes to the format.

Sources on the site said that Facebook wants to test this type of advertising for a while longer before giving the go-ahead to advertisers, so they can feel what their users think of it. The format was supposed to be released in the middle of the year, but there have been several deliberate delays since then.

The fear of Facebook upset Internet users, since the advertising video starts automatically – although the sound remains off until the person chooses to turn it on.

On the other hand, advertisers can hardly wait to count on the news, since many companies reach more people on Facebook than on TV and this is the chance to use equal weights (video) on the internet, sometimes even paying lower prices .

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