Facebook plans to include video ads in the news feed

If you’re already bothered by the advertising that appears on your Facebook news feed, get ready: the social network already plans to roll out commercials in 15-second videos, similar to those on television.

According to Bloomberg, two sources familiar with the matter confirmed that the videos will cost advertisers about $ 2.5 million.

The initiative would be a way of attracting more advertisers, who still direct most of the campaign money to television commercials. The intention is to open a window for videos on Facebook, too, so that advertisers feel more willing to increase revenues for the social network.

The idea, however, was already foreseen since the reformulation of the news feed was announced, which is being released at a snail’s pace. It was expected that the new layout, with an emphasis on content, would allow video advertisements. In fact, deploying videos on Instagram would be a way to get users to get used to videos in their feed.

If confirmed, the strategy would approach the bet of Google, which started to fund original channels and content on YouTube as a way to attract video ads, which have greater power to engage the viewer.

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