Facebook again allows posts with beheading videos

The most popular social network in the world has taken a controversial decision: beheading videos should be accepted in people’s news feeds. Facebook wants its users to have the freedom to access the violent content, view it (and, preferably, condemn it), if they prefer it that way.

In contact with the BBC, Facebook says that the social network is a space “where people share their experiences, even connected to events such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism and violent events”.

However, Facebook sets a limit for this content. “People share the video to condemn it. If it were celebrated, or the actions seen on the video were encouraged, our attitude would be different,” says the representative.

Facebook also doesn’t want anyone to accidentally see this in its news feed between photos and common posts you find in everyday life. “We work to give people additional control over the content they see. This may include advance warnings that the images may contain violent content,” he explains.

In April, the social network was pressured on this subject when a video of a woman having her head cut off went viral on the network. At first, Facebook confirmed the position above, claiming that this was the real world and the images were no worse than those shown on TV news. However, the pressure increased, to the point of psychologists and parents saying that such images could be traumatic for children and soon the videos started to be removed.

“The video can be shocking, but our platform was created to preserve the right of people to describe, portray and comment on the world we live in,” said the company at the time.


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