Documentary promises to tell the story of the deep web

The deep web story can be told by the same director who filmed the story behind Napster in the documentary “Donwloaded“Alex Winter, who in the 1980s acted with Keanu Reevs in the movie” Bill & Ted – A Fantastic Adventure “, is just days away from knowing if he can take the project” Deep Web: The Untold Story of Bitcoin and The Silk Road ” forward.

The film is in its last moments on Kickstarter, where it tries to convince internet users to finance it collaboratively. So far it has worked, because of the US $ 75 thousand orders he has already obtained US $ 65.4 thousand; the problem that the term ends in four days.

Winter promises that this will be the “definitive” way of telling “one of the most fascinating and important stories of the decade”. He refers to the fertile terrain of the deep web, the part of the internet that cannot be reached by tools like Google. Most, in fact, because it is estimated that the deep web corresponds to 96% of the total size of the world wide web.

Brittle because it was on the deep web that organizations like Wikileaks and Anonymous were created, and it also came from the idea of ​​a decentralized virtual currency like Bitcoin – people are gladly believing that it may one day be worth more than $ 40,000 (see here) .

The anonymity provided by the deep web also facilitated the development of a gigantic black market, in which murders, pornographic material of all kinds and drugs are commercialized, among other things. The latter being the focus of Silk Road, the largest narcotics website on the deep web and which was closed a few months ago.

Alex Winter intends to tell all this story in his documentary.

O Digital Look he has already immersed himself in the world of the deep web and produced a series of reports on the subject. To learn more, watch the following video:

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