Cuba increases Internet offer to citizens

The Cuban government has announced the expansion of the Internet offer in the country, where access to the global computer network is very limited.

As of June 4, “118 navigation rooms” will be connected using optical fiber cables, according to a resolution of the Ministry of Communications published on Monday, 27, in the Official Gazette.

The rooms will be located inside units of Etecsa, the company that controls Cuban telecommunications services, and the internet will continue to be provided by the Nauta brand. Access will always be done in controlled environments.

Everything will be charged: local access, international network access, access to an email account (@ And quite expensive. To use the complete package, the citizen has to pay 4.50 Cuban convertible pesos (CUCs) per hour, with the average monthly income in the country of 20 CUCs, according to Reuters.

There are factors that limit the experience, such as a maximum of 50 MB of space available to each e-mail account, which only receives attachments up to 25 MB. In addition, the navigation rooms are only open from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Internet Censorship

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