Contest will give R $ 50 thousand to the best YouTube video

The saying goes that, in the absence of weapons to fight with the most powerful enemy, the best to join him. That’s what SBT did when it formalized this Monday, 12th, a partnership with YouTube that pays R $ 50 thousand to the most successful video.

Those interested in participating in the “Phenomena of YouTube” should post a video of up to two minutes on the site and send it to the production of “Programa da Eliana” from August 25. Six videos will be chosen based on the amount of likes and shown weekly at the attraction.There is no guidance on the content of the material, so the topic can be free. The winner will be revealed after four months after the evaluation of a jury composed by those who have already been successful on the internet.

The contest still has no date to debut but, if successful, you can win other seasons. According to YouTube Brazil content director, lvaro Paes de Barros, this is “the first time that a television station has joined YouTube for such a large project”, stated Veja magazine.

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