Chinese TV makers steal market from LG and Samsung

Chinese flat panel makers, once considered second-class companies in the global LCD market, are gaining market share and getting in the way of big companies like LG and Samsung.

While the South Korean giants were busy developing TVs with the new OLED technology, small and unknown Chinese companies started selling a type of screen that is thinner than the standard LCD and cheaper than OLED. Only UHD, ultra high definition screens.

Until last year, the UHD market was almost non-existent, with only 33,000 units sold on the 200 million LCD TV market. Since then, shipments have gone up 20 times, thanks to China, according to data from research firm IHS.

Chinese consumers who want brighter and more intense images, but cannot afford an OLED screen made by LG and Samsung, are turning to UHD.

The risk to OLED technology that UHD will become famous, while the long-awaited cheaper OLED TVs arrive too late to replace it, analysts said in an interview Reuters.

In China, 55-inch UHD models sell for about $ 1,800, while similar-sized OLED TVs sold by Samsung cost about $ 10,000.

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