Check out 5 Brazilian songs about technology

It is not today that technology stimulates artists. In 1917, Ernesto dos Santos and Mauro de Almeida hummed the samba “Pelo telephone” to comment on the little-known novelty at the time.

Time has passed, technological advances have been incorporated into our daily lives, and music continues to appropriate these elements to portray society. That is why we have separated five Brazilian songs – from different genres – that talk about the subject. Check out:

Through the Internet

In 1997, the internet was still crawling in Brazil when Gilberto Gil broadcast his show on the web. In the presentation, he released Through the Internet, the first single from his album How much. In times when social networks barely existed, Gil composed to show how impressed he was with the effects of the network.

Mom on Face

Zeca Baleiro makes interesting comments to the cultural press in the music that is part of The Record of the Year. The singer comments, in a kind of letter addressed to his mother, about the supposed success of his album and cites the relevance of being a “megahit on YouTube” or the “hype of Ringtones”.

Feicibuqui Court

This year Tom Zé lent his voice to Coca-Cola and that caused a lot of controversy among some of his followers, who called him “sold”. Irritated, the musician decided to respond to the comments with the EP Feicibuqui Court. The title track, performed in partnership with the rapper Emicida, simulates, ironically, a series of comments from the well-known “haters” pointing the finger at the composer.

I will exclude you from my Orkut – Ewerton Assunção

You may not remember it, but one day Orkut was the main social network in Brazil. And you probably had an account there. At that time, many couples met and related through the site – some even had a joint profile. Therefore, there is nothing more just than the homage paid in this forró by Ewerton Assunção.

Brave New Chip

The title track of Pitty’s debut album. The single helped the rocker to stand out on the national scene 10 years ago. The song, whose title is a clear reference to the book Admirable new world, by Aldous Huxley, tries to give society an air of robot and to say that nothing is organic anymore.

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