Browser plugin unlocks American Netflix content

Netflix is ​​a service that continues to grow worldwide and has pleased its users. However, Brazilians may feel a lack of content, which is abundant for American subscribers.

As most films and series produced in the United States by local companies, it is easier to negotiate the rights to stream to the country. Bringing the content to Brazil is more complicated and it may be necessary to subtitle and dub the content, but that does not mean that the Brazilian cannot have access.

The Netflix global subscription and the content to which the user has access is determined only by the location of his IP. If you are in the USA, even having made a Brazilian account, you have access to the content there, but in Brazil, you receive only the films and series available here.

To circumvent this need, it is a possibility to configure a VPN, so that the service identifies a different IP, but this is a laborious alternative. It is much simpler to install a plugin in your browser, which allows quick access to the service.

Netflix Unlock (Click here to install), plugin for Google Chrome available on the Chrome Web Store, works great for that. Just install it and access the Netflix website, log in and, ready, all the content of the service is unlocked. Unfortunately, it only offers English subtitles.

If you want to have the Brazilian Netflix content back, just uninstall the extension by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner and selecting “Remove from Google Chrome”.


To Firefox, an option to install the extension “Hola Unblocker” (Click here to install), which performs the same task in the Mozilla browser. It also has versions for Windows, Android, Mac OS and Google Chrome itself.

To uninstall the Firefox extension, press Ctrl + Shift + A and access the Extenses item. Then, in the Hola Unblocker row, just click Delete.

Remember that it is necessary to have a valid Netflix account for the extensions to work.

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