Brazil knows about American espionage since 2001

At least twice, the Brazilian government has acknowledged that the United States is spying on the country’s communications services, according to a report by the Folha de S.Paulo. One in the Fernando Henrique Cardoso gesture, the other in the Luiz Incio Lula da Silva gesture.

The first of these occurred in 2001, when the then Minister of the GSI (Office of Institutional Security) of the Presidency, General Alberto Cardoso, said in a statement by the Chamber of Deputies that the United States has developed a snooping project.

The country had joined the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada and Germany to create Echelon, which could intercept e-mails, voice and fac-smile, according to a report by the European Parliament released that year. The general, however, said that France, Italy and Russia could also spy.

In 2008, electronic engineer Otvio Carlos Cunha da Silva, director of Cepesc (Center for Research and Development for Information Security) at Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency), confirmed the existence of Echelon and more: “There is the American Echelon, the European Echelon “, he said.

According to him, all communication “in the air” can be intercepted by the project, which would be controlled by the US NSA (National Security Agency), the same one that, according to ex-agent Edward Snowden, has been watching the whole world through from Internet.

Several reports have been made of Echelon’s performance since the 1970s, but there are indications that it was created in 1948, with the signing of an intelligence cooperation agreement between the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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