Brazil charges US after discovering it was also spied on by the NSA

The Brazilian government mobilized after the newspaper denounced The globe that the espionage of the United States made public by Edward Snowden extends to the Brazilian lands.

“We were already following the case, but now the story has changed levels,” said Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, to the state. According to him, President Dilma Rousseff’s team met on Sunday, 7, to discuss how to proceed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will speak to the US through the Brazilian Embassy in Washington and also through the American ambassador who works here, Thomas Shannon. If the Americans do not provide the necessary information, the Federal Police may enter the investigations.

Last January alone, Brazil had 2.3 billion messages and phone calls snooped on by the NSA, the US national security agency. It was the second most spied country, according to O Globo, and is on a list of interests including China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan.

Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) questioned the operators that operate in Brazil to find out if there are contractual clauses that oblige them to supply data to the United States, but Paulo Bernardo considers this hypothesis to be less likely. Espionage is thought to have been carried out by submarine cables: “If you make a call to Japan, it passes through the United States,” he said.

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