Bargain pay TV plans generates savings of up to R $ 860 per year

PROTESTE Consumers Association researched the prices of 95 plans and 108 packagespay per viewoffered by six pay-TV companies in 10 states.

The assessment took into account the prices and channels offered by the operators in each type of package for four consumption profiles – simple, cinema, children and sports. And found: researching, it is possible to save up to R $ 860 per year in the cinema plan.

In the simple plan, it is possible to save R $ 420 reais a year, except in SP, where the savings are R $ 300. For the sports plan, the annual savings are R $ 270 and for channels for children, R $ 240.

The cheapest package of the simple plan is the Essencial of Claro TV, which costs a promotional R $ 54.90 for four months. Then, it costs R $ 79.90. It contains the channels Futura, Cultura, TNT, Warner Channel and Multishow.

The most affordable option of the cinema profile is Net Essencial HD + Telecine, for R $ 109.90. The package includes the channels HBO, Canal Brasil, Max, Megapix and the Telecines Action, Pipica and Premium. For the sports profile, the cheapest plan is also the Claro TV Essential, for R $ 136.23. The channels that make up this package are ESPN, SporTV, SporTV 2 and 3 and the Brazilian Championship, Srie A.

And in the children’s profile, the lowest priced plans are the Claro TV Family and Sky’s New Sky Light – both cost R $ 79.90 per month. The selected package contains Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Disney Channel and Disney XD.

When closing the contract, the consumer must also be aware of the high rates of adhesion and installation charged by the operators for those who do not choose the “combos” or who do not have the loyalty of at least one year. There are companies that also charge less for those who choose automatic debit.

Oi, for example, charges a membership fee of R $ 480, if the consumer does not want to remain loyal, but does not charge a fee for those who have Oi Velox or Oi Conta Total plans. GVT charges a membership fee of R $ 299 and R $ 499 for installation. But the consumer who gets the “combo” (TV, telephony and broadband service), does not pay either fee.

Net has a subscription fee of R $ 60 for the Net Fcil HD plan with loyalty for one year, but does not charge for the Net Top plan, with the same loyalty time. Vivo TV does not have a subscription fee, but who chooses the plan without internet should stay with him for a year.

The association says it found a serious flaw on the Vivo TV website. Package prices for the South region do not appear on the website, and the phone and chat indicated on the website work only with the So Paulo area. This causes losses to consumers in other states, who are left without any support.

The complete evaluation is in the ProTeste magazine n 126 of July, which is distributed exclusively to the entity’s associates.

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