Apple may pay TVs for customers to skip commercials

There has been news for a long time about Apple’s entry into the television market and now a rumor has emerged that the company has been making strides to change the relationship that networks have with viewers.

According to a report by Jessica Lessin, from the Wall Street Journal, the apple brand wants to offer customers the opportunity to skip commercials that appear in the middle of a program, which would be done by Apple’s set-top box or the TV that the company is supposed to launch.

This type of functionality is not new, what Apple offers differently is a compensation to the networks that join. Only premium subscribers could skip commercials, and Apple would pay a fee for them – since advertisers pay to be seen and, if viewers stop seeing them, channels that close with Apple may lose investment.

The details are not known, such as how this compensation would be made, since the 30 seconds of a television commercial cost a lot.

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