Apple may launch 64-inch TV, says analyst

After studying the market, Apple can finally venture into the television business and launch its own 64-inch model in 2014. The bet of analyst Masahiko Ishino, Advanced Research Japan.

For him, the Ultra-HD television should sell between $ 1,500 and $ 2,500. Of course, the product will come with special features and linked to Apple services. “Probably more of a smart monitor than a TV,” said Ishino The Wall Street Journal.

One of the company’s major challenges is negotiating with cable TV operators. Apple needs to talk to component manufacturers about LCD screens, while Samsung can offer graphics processors and Corning comes in with Gorilla Glass 3. The rest would be manufactured by Foxconn.

Citing “sources familiar with the matter,” the newspaper maintains that Corning, LG Display and Foxconn have already approached Apple to talk about the matter.

The old rumor. Steve Jobs’ bigographs claim he intended to create a television. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has also given statements that indicated the company worked on a television with different features. Will this television finally see the light of day in 2014?

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