Apple launches free streaming service

It wasn’t iRadio, but iTunes Radio, the name of Apple’s music streaming service. Presented on Monday, 10, during WWDC, the product has a great advantage over its competitors: it is free.

To take advantage of the service for free, the user will need to face advertising insertions. There is, however, the option to pay to listen without intervention via iTunes Match, which costs $ 24.99 a year.

There are 200 musical stations created based on what the user listens to, others created by Apple and others, by genre. It is based on songs heard or downloaded.

Users will have access to exclusive songs and pre-release periods, when the entire album becomes available. There will also be transmission of events such as the iTunes Festival in London.

Apple integrated iTunes Radio with Siri, which will work as if it were Shazam. You can ask, for example, “Siri, who sings this song?” and he gives you the answer – all in another language, since the personal assistant does not yet speak Portuguese.

The application will not be exclusive to mobile devices. According to Apple, it will also be available on Mac, Apple TV and PCs. And it first arrives in the United States in September, with other countries receiving it over time.

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