App that monitors flock is featured at startups event

Wayra, accelerator of the Telefnica Group, held this Tuesday, 12th, the Wayra demoDay, an event that brings together startups accelerated by the entity of new investors. During the ceremony, which took place in So Paulo (SP), two of the six start-ups that presented themselves were Brazilian, Bov Control and the Okapi.

Bov Control stood out for revolutionizing an activity not linked to technology. The startup has developed a means of capturing herd data using smartphones for farmers to monitor animals on the PC screen.

With the system they are able to obtain various information, from how many liters of milk the cows produced to the average weight gain of the herd in the week. The company uses cloud computing and big data to analyze the large volume of data.

Peers enter data into the app and the information is processed by the system, and presented on the farmer’s computer. Cattle farmers spend R $ 0.30 per head of cattle analyzed. The company has existed for three years but it only caught the attention of the market after the explosion of smartphones in the country.

The app Bov Control was released in June for Android and more than 1,300 farmers have downloaded it. 30% of users are foreigners, 20% of those interested are from the United States. The Americans use the tool ten times more than the Brazilians, since 95% of the farmers there have smartphones, according to G1.

Although the application was developed for ranchers, the startup has been negotiating with supermarket chains, such as Wal-Mart, to transform Bov Control into a tool that informs retailers of the origin of the food. Banks are also considering using the app to assess the health of the herd, which is often offered as a loan guarantee.

J the second Brazilian company to present itself was Okapi. The startup owns an advertising platform that allows customers to create banners, plan and manage campaigns in a simple way.

The ‘Vitrine Inteligente’ product, winner of the MCTI program, promises good results in just a few steps. The user registers the products, creates banners in different formats and visuals, and starts a campaign, informing how much he wants to invest.

The banners then reach the company’s network, and are now displayed in places with the greatest potential for conversion. All results (clicks, CPC, total) can be tracked by the software. (learn more in the video below).

This is the second edition of the event that brings together Wayra entrepreneurs and international venture capital fund managers, focused on emerging technologies. This year, the meeting took place simultaneously in Brazil and England. To learn more about the accelerator, click on here.

With G1, IG and WayraBrazil.

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