Analysis: Google will revolutionize the way of watching TV

Google yesterday presented a kind of pendrive that turns television into a smart device. And Chromecast has the potential to spread the concept of smart TV efficiently, as it puts different features on more modest devices without requiring the consumer to spend an exorbitant amount on it.

Chromecast also works as a viable alternative for those looking for content on TV at low prices, which already bothers traditional companies in the sector. Those who work in the business are accustomed to making more money whenever the consumer is interested in more content, but as Google thinks about breaking the barrier between TV and the internet, that extra money may gradually disappear.

The bad news is that it is still unknown if the product will reach Brazil. O Digital Look found that Google doesn’t even have a prediction about when the Chromecast starts selling outside the United States.

There are already numerous devices that propose to make the field between TV and internet, but each one has a caveat. In the case of Roku and Plair, which work in a similar way, the question is the price, since they both go for $ 99 while the Chromecast costs only $ 35.

There are also set-top boxes, such as Apple TV and Roku 3, which have as a differential the content unavailable on Google’s service – HBO Go and Hulu Plus, for example. As with Chromecast, Apple TV also captures what comes from the iPhone or iPad (via AirPlay), but Google’s scheme includes the main mobile devices, and not just those of the apple brand.

Except that the content limitation of the device may end soon, as Google is testing a feature that puts any kind of media seen by the Chrome browser on television. With that, even a HBO Go or Hulu Plus subscriber would be able to circumvent restrictions and throw the contents of the laptop on the big screen without paying extra fees.

Furthermore, it is very easy to manipulate the Chromecast: just plug it into the TV via an HDMI output, download the apps for your smartphone or tablet and choose what to watch on Netflix, YouTube or Google; then, just press a button and – via Wi-Fi connection – the content appears on the TV. From the cell phone d to play, pause, change the volume …

With:Fast Company and AllThingsD.

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