Advertisers will be able to stalk Internet users on Facebook

If you are among the Internet users who feel surrounded at all times, wait and see what Facebook is up to. A tool that will help advertisers to pursue their potential customers within the social network will soon be operational.

The Facebook explain how to work: if the user visits a custom bike store, prepare a model and at the end of the purchase, the owner of that site can show ads with that exact model directly on the person’s News Feed. The same thing would happen if the Internet user chose a package on a travel website and did not close it; when opening Facebook he would be faced with his choices.

This type of advertising can reach the Internet user even on a smartphone or tablet. Assuming that person downloads an app from the travel agency but has never used it, the company can send advertisements on Facebook to encourage them to open the app.

For now the resource will be available to a limited number of social network partners, but will be released to everyone in the coming months.

Facebook Online advertising

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