4G should get faster in 2015

The communications minister, Paulo Bernardo, said on Tuesday, 11, that he will anticipate the release of the 700 MHz frequency, now used by analogue TV. The goal is to use the band for mobile broadband.

According to the minister, as of now, the frequency, scheduled to be released only in 2016, will have a staggered calendar that starts in March 2015.

The 700 MHz spectrum is used in several countries that have a fourth generation cell phone network. The band considers by the telecommunications industry as more appropriate for 4G operation because it needs less antennas for coverage than the 2.5 GHz frequency – currently used in Brazil.

The government auctioned frequencies of 2.5 GHz for use by 4G telephony last year and is expected to launch a new auction for the 700 MHz band in early 2014.

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