1st Instagram advertisement increases likes by 370%

A lot of people cursed Michael Kors when she debuted the most invasive advertising format on Instagram so far, but the brand of designer accessories must be happy with the results obtained. An analysis carried out by Nitrogram revealed that the profile numbers were inflated with the publication, made on November 1 and shown in the feed of users who did not even follow the brand.

Just 18 hours after the image was published, the post had already received 217,700 likes, a 370% jump from the 46,000 average that MK is used to. Comparing the sponsored post with the last five, Nitrogram noticed that the engagement was four times greater – and look that the paid image was the only one not to appear in the “discoveries” tab.

The company also gained 33,900 followers, almost 16 times the average number of 2,100 obtained with the latest posts. It is estimated that 6.15 million people have been impacted.

Of course, not everything was flowers: as stated at the opening of this text, many people cursed MK. 20% of the comments made in the image were negative, while a minimal portion of the users defended the brand. Worse than just 1% of them (or about 20 people) demonstrated a real intention to purchase some branded product.

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