15% of users would pay to get rid of Facebook ads

It may be that Biz Stone picked up some movement coming from Facebook, because a few days ago the co-founder of Twitter spoke about a subject that has returned to the scene today, although he is feared by most users of the social network: charging a monthly fee in exchange for the access to Mark Zuckerberg’s website.

A research firm found, in a survey, that at least 15% of Facebook users in the world would be willing to pay to get rid of the site’s advertising. more than Biz Stone imagined; he kicked 10% (see here).

Of the 500 Greenlight respondents around the globe, 8% would be willing to shell out at least $ 5 a month in exchange for an ad-free Facebook. As much as it frightens the majority, the solution would become a great source of income for Mark Zuckerberg, who would raise millions of dollars practically without investing a cent.

“The Greenlight survey also showed that almost 70% say they ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ click on advertisements or sponsors listed on Facebook, indicating that consumer apathy is very real,” he told the AllFacebook the company’s COO, Andreas Pouros.

And would you, reader, pay to use Facebook without advertising?

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