10 games to buy on Steam on Black Friday for up to R $ 30

One of the most anticipated times for consumers has already arrived, which is the famous Black Friday, where several stores and brands carry out many promotions. In turn, those who have a lot of tradition on this date are Steam, the computer games store that leaves several titles in its catalog with very tempting prices.

To help you enjoy this year’s Black Friday on Steam, which ends on December 1 at 3pm, Digital Look separated 10 games that you can buy for up to R $ 30.00 each. Check out what they are!

The Fallout series has long been a success with its unique post-apocalyptic universe, full of missions to be performed. The last great game in the series with a single-player campaign is already getting a great discount on Steam, being a great opportunity.

Dirt 5 has just arrived and brings a very arcade experience. However, Dirt here on our list is intended for lovers of simulators, who preferably have a steering wheel to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Anyone who’s too fond of the frenetic might like Dying Light. This first person game pits you against zombies, but it has the advantage of having parkour movements so you can climb buildings and other structures.

One of the greatest RPGs of all time has a beautiful promotion on Steam. The base game of the famous Geral De La Rivia is coming out for only R $ 23.99, while the version with the expansion packs comes out for R $ 29.99.

Anyone who likes competitiveness and tactical shooting games will hardly want to miss this chance. The famous title of Ubisoft that has a great scenario of e-sports is with a discount of 67%.

Whether to play online or with friends, fighting games are always a great request. The Marvel vs. Capcom series brings many characters from this franchise with battles so frenzied that sometimes you don’t even understand what’s happening on the screen.

One of EA’s most classic games has an interesting promotion. Not only that, most of your expansion packages are approximately 50% off, meaning you can put together a really cool set this Black Friday.

Doom – R $ 18.45

The Doom Eternal has been quite successful, but its predecessor is not far behind either. So, if you want a bloody game and for a good price, this is your chance.

XCOM2 – R $ 24.97

Anyone who is looking for a quieter game, but that makes you think a lot, would like to know that the XCOM 2 is 75% off.

Anyone who likes a good adventure, of course, can not do without a Lara Croft game. In addition to this title being at an inviting price, it is worth remembering that the “Tomb Raider (2013)” is leaving for approximately five reais.

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