10 fun facts about Google

Google is on the media all the time, but there are data about the company that some people are still unaware of. O Business Insider gathered 10 curious facts about the web giant that deserve attention. Check it out below.

1 – Google.com, which houses the most important companies in the world, contains 23 errors in its code.

2 – The company has already photographed more than 8 million kilometers for Street View.

3 – Originally the company would be called ‘Googol’, but investors wrote ‘Google’ on the first contribution check and the name remained.

4 – Google’s search database has over 100 million gigabytes. It would take 100 thousand external hard drives of 1 terabyte to store all this data.

5 – The world watches over 450 thousand years of videos on YouTube per month. This is more than twice the years of modern humans.

6 – Google uses captcha to teach computers to read digitized text from books. There are 200 million captchas solved per day.

7 – The Google page has a simple layout, because Sergey Brin and Larry Page did not know HTML. The duo decided to leave the site in the same way to reinforce their identity.

8 – The web giant must be the only company that has the explicit objective of reducing the time people spend on its website.

9 – On average, the company has acquired more than one company per week since 2010.

10 – In 2011, 96% of Google’s $ 37.6 billion in revenue came from ads alone.

Google Curiosities

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