YouTube Announces Paid Music Streaming Service

YouTube has announced that it will enter the streaming music market, proving the veracity of a wave of rumors that has been going on for months. The company also confirmed speculation that small labels that refuse to accept its terms will have content blocked on the site.

The service will start operating until September, allowing Internet users to pay monthly fees to listen to songs without advertising and entire albums, things that are not so easy to see on YouTube today. With this the company enters the field of Spotify, Deezer and Rdio.

In an interview with Financial Times, director of content and operational business, Robert Kyncl, said that “in a matter of days” YouTube will start blocking music videos that do not fit the format to be released, to ensure that only those who have accepted the company terms remain.

There are deals with record companies that represent 95% of the market, he said, but leave out the independent ones, which are not irrelevant. XL Recordings, for example, is behind names like Adele and The xx, and the band Arctic Monkeys is linked to Domino, both represented by copyright agency Merlin, which refuses to accept what was proposed by YouTube.

A few months ago the WIN (Worldwide Independent Network), which represents several small companies around the world, released a note criticizing YouTube for making proposals considered unfair to small labels.

WIN said that YouTube closed deals separately with the three biggest labels, Sony, Warner and Universal, which was confirmed by the video site, but has been looking for the smaller ones separately, precisely to cause pressure. The WIN letter contains record signatures in 18 countries, including Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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