With 3D printing, company makes headphones with user-adjusted format

An American startup called Normal tries to use the 3D printing revolution to create more comfortable headphones. The company wants to create ear-molded devices for each of its users, allowing a more natural fit, and good sound quality.

There is a problem, however. How to make the ear mold of each customer? Normal seems to have an elegant and functional solution, which includes an application for iOS and Android, which are not available in Brazil. With this app, the user must photograph both ears. The person also needs to press a 25-cent coin against the skin that serves as a size comparison.

The photos are sent to the company, which starts the production of headphones capable of perfectly fitting what is seen in the image through 3D printing.

The result of this, of course, is not cheap. The company charges US $ 200 for the customized product, and taxes and shipping are still applicable. It is a high performance product, according to Normal, capable of preventing sound leakage, providing a better experience, but there is still no proof of quality.

The first batch of headphones will begin to be sent to buyers in August and the company expects that, after this first batch, the making of the products should take 38 hours to complete.


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