Winamp will no longer be disabled

Winamp will no longer be deactivated, as Radionomy bought the AOL platform together with Shoutcast, a radio service. The announcement was made on Tuesday, 14, but details of the deal were not released.

In a note, the company’s CEO, Alexandre Saboundjian, said that Winamp will receive a series of investments. “Its role is clear in the future evolution of online media – we plan to make the player ubiquitous by developing new features dedicated to the desktop, mobile devices, car systems, connected devices and all other platforms.”

As the software is now part of Radionomy’s network, it now has access to more than 60 radio stations, playback of more than 60 audio and video formats, 6,000 add-ons, availability in 16 languages ​​and management tools of podcasts.

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