What will the online advertising of the future look like?

Internet services basically work thanks to the money that comes from advertising. Mainly the information content sites: most have spaces reserved for the infamous banners, through which advertisers expose their names and / or products to the internet user.

This structure, which for years has been so solidified among the industry, today is going through a period of uncertainty, which started with the discussion about the effectiveness of a click: does the fact that an internet user clicks on the banner mean that he will be converted into a customer?

Now, it seems that there is another wave of questions, led by the creation of a new type of advertising, that instead of being focused on the graphic space that will take from the site, it is more concerned with the content than being passed on to the reader.

This blames social networks like Facebook and Twitter and the sites that focus on these networks, such as Buzzfeed, which, as AdsNative CEO Satish Polisetti explains, throws the advertisement in the face of the Internet user as if it were some content.

For Polisetti, advertising will soon not depend on fixed parameters, it will not occupy different spaces. “What if an advertisement was simply a type of regular content that had a title, image and description just like any other online text?” He asks.

Today, advertisers generally base their actions on guidelines provided by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) that standardize banner sizes. Instead, companies could use structured data that would make advertisements adapt their colors, styles and page design to which they are appearing.

The executive believes that, in this next generation of advertising, ads can be created in a tenth of the time currently spent for this.

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