Video: how today’s kids react when they discover the Walkman

It is likely that some of you readers did not live at that time, but in the 1990s one of the few ways to walk the streets listening to music was by having a Walkman, a cassette player. Nothing like today, in which with two taps on the smartphone or mp3 player the music starts, it took much more handling and patience.

The YouTube channel TheFineBros has a series that tests children’s reactions and they put that whole experience in front of them. Needless to say, they were shocked by what they saw; most were very impressed – mainly because they couldn’t navigate between tracks on an album – and some even felt sorry for their elders.

But a seven-year-old boy identified as Maxim made two interesting notes: the first, that there are perhaps more complications today, because you need to go to the internet, find a streaming site and get what you want to hear (note that he has already skipped the era of downloads). Another point highlighted by Maxim is that the $ 200 charged for the Walkman was not so abusive if you take into account that an iPad does not cost too little these days.

Check out the video below, you can put subtitles and translate them into Portuguese.

Music children

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