Video advertising should reach Facebook by July

Video advertisements with automatic playback have been announced by Facebook for some time, but have not yet been put into practice. Now, the new rumors indicate that they will be deployed by the middle of this year.

Sources familiar with Facebook’s plans say the intention is to launch the update between March and July. The company would still be reviewing the new tool and checking the results with the tests already carried out, to make sure that it is a robust product and that it offers qualitative analysis on the performance of advertising.

However, advertisers are still a little wary of the tool due to its high cost and lack of targeted advertising.

The ads were originally priced between $ 1 million and $ 2.5 million, but are now selling at $ 600,000 a day, according to the source. The price allows to reach one of the four bands: men below 35 years old, or above 35; or women under 35, or over 35. Very little for a company that became famous for allowing advertising targeting to young Brazilians, who live in Amap, 23, who like cats and heavy music, for example.

Reaching the four audiences would cost $ 2.4 million, but Facebook representatives declined to comment.

Another problem that the social network needs to overcome in order to convince sound advertisers. The videos do not automatically play sound, thanks to a Facebook user experience policy. However, on TV, advertising relies on audio as a way to attract the viewer’s attention and need to find a new way to make them click on an ad even without making a sound.

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