Twitter wants to buy SoundCloud

Twitter is considering making an offer to purchase the SoundCloud music streaming and sharing service, according to the Re / code. The website says it has heard sources from the companies to get the information, although neither has commented on the matter.

There is no talk of values ​​yet, but earlier this year, after a US $ 60 million investment round, SoundCloud was valued at US $ 700 million. So, if the deal goes through, it will be the biggest ever played by Twitter.

SoundCloud describes itself as “YouTube for music”. With 250 million active users, the service can be used free of charge for loading, transmitting and listening to sound content.

It is not the first time that Twitter tries to get involved in the music scene. Last year, the company launched the #Music app, which suggested artists and music tracks based on the user’s behavior on Twitter. But the initiative did not go ahead, not even to the point of launching an Android version, and it was recently closed.

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