Steam now has its own music player

Valve decided to meet the demand of the Steam audience that is in the habit of listening to music while playing on the PC. On Thursday, the company revealed its own music player that should make the task of those who have this habit easier.

The advantage of using the Steam Music Player compared to other players with the same functionality is that the feature is integrated with Steam Overlay, which means that you can control your playlists without having to leave the game.

With that, just guide Steam so that it recognizes your music folder so that it imports it into the system. The SMP will also recognize soundtracks purchased at the store, which will be integrated into the player.

To celebrate the launch, the store is also offering discounts on its games, with a 75% discount on Half Life and Half Life 2, and Portal and Portal 2, and offering the soundtrack for free.

Via IGN]

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