Steam may start selling music, movies and TV series

Steam is one of the largest online gaming stores, bringing together thousands of titles. Soon, the service could become even more present in the lives of users with a music store, series and films.

The rumor came on Twitter after a Valve user, creator of the store, analyzed the version of the program’s source code and discovered lines that show new categories of downloads to be implemented, such as “film”, “tvseries”, “video”, “plugin” and “music”.

Diversifying performance is necessary if Valve takes the Steam OS operating system to compete with the media center capabilities found on Xbox One and Playstation 4. After all, Steam Boxes, a type of computer running the system in question, will compete with the consoles already established.

For now, Steam sells soundtracks for some games, exclusively in collector’s editions or as additional content for games that the user already owns, and it is not possible to buy them separately. There is only one film for sale: Indie Game: The Movie.

Via: Engadget

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