Spotify offers 30 minutes ad-free to anyone watching a commercial

Spotify users should soon receive a new option to listen to music on the app. You will now be able to listen to 30 minutes of music without ads in exchange for showing a 15 to 30 second video.

Named “Sponsored Sessions” (in Portuguese, “Sponsored Sessions”), the feature will begin testing during the fourth quarter of this year with a limited number of brands and is expected to expand to all advertisers by the end of the first quarter of 2015 Coca-Cola, Ford, McDonald’s and Universal Pictures are some of the first global advertisers of the tool.

On the desktop, the novelty should adopt the name “Video Takeover” and work like regular ads, that is, videos will be played automatically during the song interval. In this case, however, Spotify has yet to predict when the resource should arrive.

Currently, Spotify users have two usage options: free, in which ads are shown during songs; and the premium, which is free of ads for the monthly fee of US $ 10 (about R $ 22).

Via AdAge.

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