Sony banned users selling PS Plus Collection accounts

With the arrival of the PlayStation 5, Sony also launched the PS Plus Collection, a new feature that allows you to play various PlayStation 4 titles on the new console. Unfortunately, as expected, some people started taking advantage of this and started to “sell” access to service accounts to third parties – a violation of the platform’s terms of use.

What was recently discovered, however, is that Sony anticipated this behavior and created defense mechanisms to curb the practice. According to a post seen on Facebook’s Nmia Gaming page and later confirmed by the company itself, Sony is banning PS Plus Collection accounts where more than 50 logins and / or game purchases in various regions are identified.

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Posted by Nmia ž œž onWednesday, November 25, 2020

Understanding the schema

The PS Plus Collection works as follows: you have a PlayStation Plus subscription in your name, and you use a PlayStation 5 activation key to trigger the collection, which gives you access to 20 games from the previous generation on the new console, but which they can also be downloaded and played for free on PlayStation 4.

Some people – mostly Chinese users – are asking friends who bought a PlayStation 5 to log into their accounts and activate the PS Plus Collection, then return them with the service activated and thus download several games for free PS4.

From what Sony confirmed from the reports, however, the thing a little deeper. Although the login and activation process is simple, the company has a way of knowing which machine promoted PS Plus Collection access. When she identifies that that device has made around 50 activations or downloaded games from different regions, her defenses automatically understand that system as “hacked”.

Account ban

The moment a machine is seen by the company as hacked, two things will happen: the first and most obvious is the temporary banning of activated accounts. According to international media reports, this lasts around two months.

The second, and more drastic, permanent ban on the machine that the company understands is in violation of the PlayStation 5 terms of use. In short, if you asked your friend to activate the PS Plus Collection on your account via your friend’s console , he will need to buy another console.


PlayStation 5 can end up permanently banned if you abuse certain online features of the new console.Photo: Digital Look / Reproduction

And this second part can be complicated. As the Digital Look showed earlier in the week, Sony is celebrating the high demand for the PlayStation 5, leading to a lack of stock of the new console in most markets. That is, replacing a banned console can be time consuming.

At the moment, users of the Facebook page report contacts with Sony’s customer support, to find out if there is any way to reverse such bans. For now, the company has only secured the temporary nature of the accounts involved, but not the consoles.

Source: GamingPH / Nmia Gaming

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