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Snapchat may be about to introduce its first payable initiative. Amid self-destructive messages, there will be newspaper articles, advertisements and TV or movie clips circulating through the app.

The news, according to the Wall Street Journal, are under the name Snapchat Discovery and will be implemented in November. The startup would be talking to potential partners to leverage the idea.

The intention is to enable companies to offer short and daily content that can be consumed in an ephemeral way, like the rest of the material present on Snapchat.

There are already brands exploring the platform, but this would be the first time that Snapchat enters with sponsored content and, if it works out, it will also be the first time that it receives money to prove that the bets made by the market are really worth.

Just three years old, Snapchat secured funds last year that took its valuation to $ 2 billion. The company later declined a $ 3 billion offer from Facebook, and last month, when Alibaba Group considered investing in the platform, its valuation rose to more than $ 10 billion.

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