Silicon Valley series shows the universe of startups

Found a startup with friends, get rich and change the world. But what to do when you get there? this is the starting point of Silicon Valley, the new HBO series that debuted in Brazil this Monday, 7th.

The plot tells the story of six clumsy and clever young people who decide to start a startup and earn a lot of money. Richard the troubled developer of the algorithm that works at the company Hooli, whose giant headquarters and the logo are made with colorful letters. There, employees can eat all the treats they want. Did it look familiar?

Developing a new compression algorithm, the small company of friends, called Pied Piper, receives proposals from two major investors who start to dispute it. The dilemma begins: sell the company and make a lot of money or keep it to make it more robust?

The show’s creator and director, Mike Judge, knows what he’s talking about. In the late 1980s he was a test engineer at Parallax, a startup that builds graphics processing boards for computers.

“I think tech people are funny, strange, uncomfortable, interesting and are not usually portrayed as they are,” said Judge, who betrayed Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill, to The New York Times.

References are presented at all times. In addition to the stereotypes on display, such as the classic geek and the arrogant CEO, the episodes feature real personalities, such as Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google. Despite not being a pioneer in portraying the IT world, the series is already considered one of the best and most well developed.

There will be eight episodes lasting 30 minutes. It is clear the presence of an acidic humor and full of ironies, constructed with a text that satirizes without making the series a caricature of the universe of startups. “Not magic. Talent and sweat”, says one of the characters when asked about what young people do.

Check out the trailer for Silicon Valley:

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