See the Microsoft and GoPro advertisements at the Super Bowl

The final of the American football championship is much more than a sports program. The Super Bowl, the most watched event on TV in the USA, attracts the public also for its advertisements that fatten the pockets of the organizers. With an average cost of US $ 4 million per 30 seconds of broadcasting, the 48th edition of the final, held yesterday, was the stage for the promotion of several companies.

The frisson is justified because the dispute raises no less than 110 million viewers, of which 51% say they like the advertisements more than the game itself,according to this study. Among the various advertisements specially produced for the Super Bowl, we selected two interesting ones.


What technology and what can it do for us? For Microsoft, technology has the power to bring us together, give hope and give voice to those who have lost their speech. At least what the company says in the commercial:


In October 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped more than 38km high and broke several records, including the speed of sound. And GoPro recorded these images:

Microsoft TV

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