Searchers will have to respect ‘right to be forgotten’ in Europe

Google was defeated by the European Union’s high court and will now be forced to hide certain links from its search engine, when asked by ordinary people – without Justice having to get involved.

News articles, court decisions and other types of documentation may even remain online, on their original websites, but will have to disappear from search engines if the person named requests. And this decision also involves other companies operating in the region, such as Microsoft (with Bing) and Yahoo, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The court’s intention is to preserve the so-called “right to be forgotten”, which provides that a citizen does not need to be constantly exposed by something that happened to him in the past. But it goes against the general position of the European Union, which last year held that search engines are not obliged to comply with this type of requirement without a court order.

The court, however, left loopholes in the decision that allow the observation of each case. The relevance of the subject or the person asking for the removal of the content, for example, are things that must be taken into account.

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