Samsung’s largest TV, 105 inches, costs R $ 265 thousand

With 105 inches and 4K curved screen, the largest of Samsung TV – presented in January this year – it finally won a price: US $ 120 thousand (R $ 265 thousand, excluding taxes). Until then, the UN105S9 model was a prototype and had no commercial purpose.

The “ultra-wide” aspect of 21: 9 means that the content in the standard widescreen format has black bars on the sides of the image and can be pushed to just one side of the screen, making the other one usable for applications.

The television has no “standard” resolution, given its proportions. Because of this, the TV has 5120×2160 pixels, the same as a 4K TV in height, and 1280 pixels in width.

According to the company, the curved screen increases the viewing angle and improves the experience of those who sit on sofas and chairs positioned on the sides. Although the product is already available on the Samsung Brazil website, there are no stores in the country that currently sell it, which makes it impossible to know the price of the product here.

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