Samsung will have its own series

Samsung is preparing to air a series that portrays the company as a young environment. The idea is to show that Samsung stores are ideal for workers aged 20 to 30 years.

The program is called “Better Future” and has a format that the company classifies as “musicom”, a sitcom musical – perhaps something similar to Glee. There will be six episodes with an hour each that will be published on YouTube from the next month, according to Business Insider.

The recordings are being made at Samsung’s Seoul headquarters and Suwon’s offices.


From what the Business Insider reported, it seems that the company is taking the title of the show very seriously, so much so that one of the main characters, who works at a Samsung store, is called Mirae (which in Korean could be translated as “future”) , while the boy who lives with her is called Chaego (something like “better”).

This is not the first time that Samsung has ventured into the entertainment world. In March last year, the company held a theatrical show in New York to present the Galaxy S4, and the brand’s store openings are usually partying.

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