Samsung starts selling first flexible TV in South Korea

Do you prefer a flat screen or curved television? If you don’t know the answer, Samsung started selling a product in the middle. The Korean is launching in its country of origin a TV with flexible screen, 78 inches and 4K resolution, as presented at CES.

The product shown at the fair was bigger, however, with 85 inches, and had a remote control with a special button, which, when pressed, made some engines behind the screen move. They would be responsible for turning the screen completely straight into a curved display, or the other way around, depending on your preference.

Pre-sale starts this Friday, but only at two stores in Seoul. There is no forecast for sales outside the country, but it is said that the value should be around US $ 34 thousand. That’s right, the equivalent of R $ 77 thousand.

However, it is not even the biggest TV ever launched by the company, let alone the most expensive. Recently, the company announced the model UN105S9W, with a 105-inch curved screen with 4K resolution. The game goes for only US $ 120 thousand dollars, or about R $ 270 thousand.


Samsung TV Flexible Screen UHDTV 4K

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