Samsung starts producing UHD TV with curved screen in Brazil

Samsung announces on Tuesday that it will start producing in Brazil its model of Ultra HD TV with curved screen, launched in 2013 in Korea. The manufacturing will take place at the Manaus Industrial Pole, starting in April, and the first national units should reach the market by June.

“Brazil is a very important country for Samsung”, says the national director of products in the TV category, Gustavo Assuno. According to the international spokesman, HS Kim, surveys carried out in the country show that televisions with curved screens have more consumer acceptance than any other company product.

Samsung does not say whether domestic production of UHD TVs will make retail cost cheaper. To Digital Look the company limits itself to saying that it aims to make technology “more accessible in a few years”.

In January of this year, Samsung announced the first UHD TV (5120 x 2160 resolution) with a 105-inch curved screen (photo above). The model shown at the CES fair in Las Vegas, would be able to show colors with more vividness, with a greater sense of depth, and display good images at any viewing angle.

The 105 inch UHD TV has a total of 11 million pixels in a 21: 9 screen ratio and has upscaling technology called “Quadmatic Picture Engine”, which tries to render any image from any source in UHD quality.

Samsung TV UHDTV

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