Samsung plans smart TV with Tizen operating system

Two days after announcing the first smartphone with the Tizen operating system in place of Android, Samsung plans to run the software also on a Smart TV, showing that it is versatile for both laptops and media centers.

In a conference for developers held yesterday in San Francisco (USA), the Korean showed one of her televisions equipped with the system. Navigation takes place from a bar on the left, where options are chosen (video, music, photos, live TV), and the right side changes according to the command chosen.

Navigation can be done from a common controller or similar to a Wii controller, which takes a cursor of choice on the screen. It is also possible to use a “web remote”, that is: a web address that controls the specific device. The TV will also be compatible with wireless keyboards.

As yet there are not many apps for the platform, since there is no device for sale that runs the Tizen system, but the system is open and, according to Samsung, it will be available to any company that decides to use it.

Via: Engadget

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