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South Korean Samsung is investing in connectivity, not just in its electronic devices, but also in appliances with embedded systems, which include washing machines, air conditioners, lamps and refrigerators.

Since the Consumers Eletronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas in January, Samsung has promised to take care of the entire home from a single application and has started to make the service available in its country of origin.

Through an application for the Galaxy Gear 2 watch and any Android 4.0 or higher device, the user will be able to voice the home appliances, as well as individual lighting of rooms and other services by voice.

In the second half, Samsung promises to extend the functionality to its robotic vacuum cleaners and implement a “good night” system, which, by voice command, would turn off all appliances and lamps in the house, before a user goes to sleep.

Residential connectivity was the subject of a report produced by Digital Look at CES in January. Check out the video below that shows the materialization of the dream of consumption of high technology enthusiasts.

Via: Cnet

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